Registration Agreement

Risk Disclosure Agreement
Chapter 1 Booking/Billing Instructions
Prepaid/Recovery Booking Customers Must Read and Understand the Offer
Please read the content carefully before making a prepaid reservation (prepaid lock price, payment and freight settlement)
Recover or repurchase before making a prepaid reservation on the website (prepaid lock price, freight):
1. Before making a reservation/recovery of a prepaid discount, customers
You must complete real-name authentication in the mall and ensure that the name, ID number, bank account number,
The delivery address and other information filled in are true, accurate and valid; otherwise, the user shall bear the responsibility
The consequences of false information.
2. Customers can pre-order products in the mall
Center. All orders can be canceled before 1:30 am on the same Saturday. When the customer pays the last payment,
The shopping mall receives the balance and arranges delivery.
If the customer does not pay the final withdrawal before 1:30 am on Saturday,
The customer is deemed to have made the final offer before the inventory, and the reservation will be cancelled.
3. Customers can make an appointment to recycle products
Products purchased in the shopping mall. Customers can cancel their reservations at any time
Saturday 01:30, and return the points after deducting the increase or decrease amount
Goods within the corresponding period.
If the customer does not deliver the goods to the shopping mall or the shopping mall before Saturday of the week to the designated collection point, or if the delivered goods do not meet the specified standard recycling test, the customer will be deemed to have cancelled the recycling reservation and bear the logistics and testing costs.
4. Inventory time: 01:30 to 05:30 every day is the inventory time of the mall warehouse.
During the inventory period, the mall no longer accepts reservations/receipts in advance.
5. For more details, please refer to the previous business guidelines.
Shopping mall page, understand the website.
Chapter 2 reveals the business model of the website
The business model of order reservation/repurchase, balance remittance settlement,
Uncertainty, such as the potential benefits and potential risks of your product value due to the fluctuations in the gold and silver markets, and the degree of understanding of the reserve/repurchase risk sharing
Customer reserve/repurchase risks, risk control capabilities, and understanding of related products are all high requirements.
Customers choose prepaid reservation/repurchase, which means that the customer is fully informed and understands the risks
Prepaid/repurchase business and agrees and accepts the current and future website reservation/repurchase
The business process and management system (collectively referred to as the process system) developed, modified and released. This Risk Disclosure is intended to fully disclose to customers the risks of pre-paid reservation/repurchase business and is intended only to provide customers with a benchmark for evaluating and determining their own risk tolerance. The risk disclosure described in this disclosure is for example only. All risk factors related to the website pre-order/repurchase are not detailed. Customers should also carefully understand and understand other possible risk factors before starting or participating in the pre-paid website reserve/repurchase business. If the customer does not know or is unaware of this disclosure, he or she must promptly consult the customer service of this site or the relevant regional service provider. If the customer finally clicks on the risk disclosure, it is deemed that the customer agrees and fully accepts the entire content of this disclosure. Hot Tips 1. Minors under the age of 18 cannot participate in this website's pre-order/repurchase. 2. This website's pre-order/repurchase is only for customers who comply with all the following standards: ① Natural persons, legal persons with full civil capacity, companies or other economic organizations registered in accordance with the law. ② Fully understand all risks associated with the website's promotion of reserve/repurchase operations and have a certain risk tolerance. Changes in the regulatory system, management methods, regulations, etc. may affect all risks of customers.
Losses caused by reservations/repurchases, etc. shall be borne by the customer.
B. Price fluctuations, precious metals such as gold, silver and their accessories are affected by u